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A ‘Degree’ according to the Oxford dictionary is an “academic award conferred by a university or college on successful completion of a course or as an honorary distinction”.

A person armed with this ‘honorary distinction’ walks forth into the real world to make his/her mark in the surreal realm of ‘livelihood economics’. In India holding a degree awarded by a university is a passport to a job. A B.A. in History can land you a job selling sanitary napkins! Though I must plead guilty to the fact that I am a bit mystified as to how an in depth study of the Mughal administrative system of the 1600’s is construed to be a fitting platform from which the confounded intricacies of selling napkins to a seasoned dealer -whose only interest is to see that his business remains in the pink of health - are learnt. Read More

Surefire-Email-Marketing-Tips-To-Stop SpamImage by Stuart Miles


Email marketing can be effective when done the right way. Here are some surefireEmail Marketing Tips that I have learned over the years and I would like to share them with the readers of MEST Education.

1. Use an email address that is connected to your website rather than a free email service when sending out emails to your list. An email address linked to your own website looks more professional, e.g. is better than! Read More

How Can HR Handle Skill ShortageHow Can HR Handle Skill Shortage – Image by freedigitalphotos


The economic liberalization in India in 1991 ushered in a job revolution for the burgeoning working population. With IT industry booming and services sector expanding the GDP to above 9%, demand for skilled people began increasing rapidly. As the economy grew, demand for engineers and management graduates, preferably with work experience multiplied, cascading a talent scramble. Until 2008 jobs were in plenty, however, experienced and usable talent were in short supply, causing India Inc lamenting the skills shortage in the market. With many companies expanding their footprint abroad, global management skills came in demand further accentuating the precarious situation. Read More

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Bundle

Adobe Extends The $10 Per Month Creative Cloud Photography Bundle To The Masses For A Limited Time Period

Photographers the world over now have a chance to experience the benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography bundle membership at a monthly subscription of just $9.99 per month. Adobe has come out with the offer which is valid for one and all, whether or not the subscriber owns a previous version of Photoshop. The announcement for the year long subscription plan was made on Wednesday, 20th Nov 2013. This limited time offer, which was initiated the same day, will expire on 2nd December, 2013 at 7:59 pm GMT. Offer was later extended till Dec 8, 2013. Read More

Google Project Link

Google Project Link: a project that will provide high-speed broadband internet through a network of fibre-optic cable network built by Google in Uganda’s capital Kampala

Google Inc. has been renowned for its initiatives to ensure internet access to the most under-served regions across the globe, especially in the developing countries. Google Balloon Project, launched in June 2013, being the most prominent oneContinuing this tradition, Google now plans to provide high-speed fiber-optic broadband internet access in Africa – in areas that lack the proper infrastructure. Project Link was initiated in Africa on 20th Nov 2013, Wednesday, from the city of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The project is now up and running in the city. Read More

centurylink-acquires-tier 3

Tier 3 Is Now CenturyLink 

On 19th Nov, 2013, cloud computing entered a new phase when CenturyLink, America’s third-largest telecommunications provider, announced that it had acquired Bellevue-based enterprise cloud management startup, Tier 3. The Louisiana-based telecommunications giant, CenturyLink has been acquiring smaller companies for quite some time now to strengthen its own cloud computing operations. The financial details and terms of the deal were not disclosed, although it is being speculated that CenturyLink has paid $200 million for the acquisition. Read More

Amazon octocopter dronesAmazon Octocopter Drones

Under a program called Prime Air, Amazon octocopter drones can transports packages containing everything from smartphones to sunglasses within 30 minutes

Amazon, the largest e-commerce company in the world, has a sanguine use for drones – deliver goods to customers within 30 minutes. Octocopters – as these Amazon drones are called – would be able to carry packages weighing up to 2.3 kg (5 pounds) in a 10-mile radius (16-kilometer).

Company CEO Jeff Bezos is looking to materialize the ultramodern idea of flying unmanned drones to deliver purchases right at customers’ doorsteps in the next five years, pending US Federal Aviation Administration approval. Mr. Bezos announced the service, Prime Air, on CBS television’s “60 Minutes” program late Sunday. Read More

Why A Shrink Can't Help Me

As per the data released by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), between 2009 and 2011, the states in the USA cumulatively cut more than $1.8 billion from their budgets for services for children and adults living with mental illness, whlist a major ratio recurrently visits a psychiatrist.


Life is a mysterious scroll of sorrows and joys, pats and thumps – and the magic lies in watching it gradually unfold!

Let us see what may befall us if we try to live true to the opening lines of this article:

Firstly, it‘s better to confide in a personal mentor than somebody whose reaction would be more mechanical and learnt. They say that a mother’s lap is as close to being a heavenly solace as can be, unconditional and unselfish. To put it more generically, a loved one would more naturally and gently pull us out of the emotional and psychological stalemate rather than treat us out of it like a doctor. Read More

About Apps

Russian Internet major Mail.Ru takes the first step towards international expansion with the launch of in America

“I’m happy to introduce our new products to the competitive U.S. Internet market”. This statement, made by Dmitry Grishin, the CEO and co-founder of Mail.Ru, marked the arrival of Russian Internet services major’s in the American technology market. Mr. Grishin was speaking during the launch of Mail.Ru’s new American subsidiary, which offers a trio of free mobile apps – messaging, email and gaming applications – for iOS and Android users. The event which was held on Tuesday, November 19, 2013, was historical because of the fact that it marked the foray of the first Russian web company into the already crowded U.S. market. opened an office at the American technology hotspot – Mountain View, California.

Read More

Sony_PS4 Logo


For the past seven years, Sony has been selling the different versions of it gaming console PlayStation 3 at a loss. But now with the release of its latest gaming console,PlayStation 4 (PS4), the Japanese electronics giant seems to be staggering back on the path of profit. According to the results of the Sony Playstation 4 teardown analysis performed by the research firm IHS Inc., the combined manufacturing and the Bill of Material (BOM) costs of $381 is $18 less than the retail price of $399.

PS4 was released in North America at midnight on November 15, 2013, Friday. More than 1 million units of PS4 were sold within just 24 hours of its release in North America. Read More

Yahoo Aims To Protect Privacy Of Users

Yahoo Aims To Protect Privacy Of Users

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer announces plans to encrypt all customer data and email by 2014 to shield customers from covert monitoring and data collection by the American National Security Agency and British Government Communications Headquarters

In response to the growing concern about the NSA trying to pry into the online activities of users, Yahoo, on Monday, 19th November 2013, announced its plan to encrypt all user data, including the emails transferred across its datacenters. The Sunnyvale, California based Internet major made it known that the task of protecting all user data through encryption will be completed by April 2014.

Making the announcement in a blog post on Yahoo Tumblr, the company’s President and CEO, Melissa Mayer outlined the company’s commitment towards safeguarding user information and comment. Read More


In the beginning of time when the world had just begun to evolve. When the mountain ventured upwards to make its tryst with the blue beyond. The sparrow learnt to make its nest safely away from the prying eye of a predator. The elegant stream swashbuckled down a steep mountain, impeded by a huge boulder, then chuckled its way around it on its way to a meeting with the river. When man, to hunt prey, journeyed from stone tools to metalled ones. Listen! Lend your ears carefully to the past and one can hear the slow rolling rumble of history, the times gone by, a whisper that man has evolved over the ages making mistakes, learning from them and building ever so slowly an edifice called civilization. Read More

global deforestation aforestation

A High-Resolution Interactive Map Developed By University Of Maryland Helps Researchers Gain Detailed Information About Global Deforestation

The fact that Earth is losing its forest cover at a rapid pace is quite well known. Now the scientists, environmentalists, researchers, governments concerned about the ecosystem can get and provide even more accurate details of deforestation. This has been made possible with the new interactive forest-cover map developed by the University of Maryland, in collaboration with NASA and US Geological Survey. The project to map the global deforestation was undertaken by the Department of Geographical Sciences at the University of MarylandGoogle Earth also played a major role in putting the high-resolution map online, processing data within a matter of just a few days that otherwise would have taken a single computer more than 15 years to crunch. Read More

Oxford University Researchers Develop Super Glasses That Give Artificial Vision To Visually Impaired People

According to WHO estimates, nearly 40 million people across the globe are suffering from blindness, and the figures are likely to double by 2020. In the recent years, products like ultrasonic canes and iGlasses, developed to help blind people have been successful to a limited extent only. But thanks to a new set of glasses being developed by the scientists at the Oxford University in England, blind people might soon be able to “see”. The spectacles are worn just like normal eyeglasses and are being referred to as ‘Assisted Vision glasses’. The Assisted Vision project is part of the Oculab at the University of Oxford. Read More

Google Settles FTC Charges

Google To Pay $17 Million To Settle Privacy Breach Charges. Google used JavaScript coding to bypass privacy-blocking settings of Apple’s Safari and mislead the users in believing that there was no breach. Read More